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Frozen Bubble music

Music & Sound effects written by Matths a.k.a Matthias Le Bidan

The three original soundtracks were written using Fast Tracker II, a "demo-scene" tracker which uses sound samples, notes and effects, and produces the music by mixing a variable number of tracks.

In Frozen-Bubble 2, the new musics are generated with professional-quality tools such as Logic Audio.

"Sunday", another music tracked by Matths

In the good old time of the demos :-), Matths was already tracking for Useless, our demo group. We went to the Saturne Party in 1997 and he wrote a very fine music for the multichannel music compo, but due to power failures we did not stay until the end of the party.

You can download this music in XM format (0.3 MB) or in Ogg Vorbis format (2.5 MB).

Matths' musics from our old Music-Disk

In 1997 was released Useless Bomber Games, "A Music-Disk with Attitude", which included a full clone of the classical BomberMan game and 7 musics. Unfortunately, I wrote the source code using the assembly language (7,000 lines), so it's sticked to the PC/DOS/EOS platform :-(. You may still want to download it for any reason, though. You will need DOS (no Windows command-line) and a Sound Blaster or a Gravis UltraSound.

Here are the 3 musics by Matths from this Music-Disk:


Matths also wrote the soundtrack for Pathological, an enriched clone of the game Logical.